Saturday, 15 December 2007

Dreaming Of A White Christmas.....

After all the trauma of arranging to go and see the rugby today (and Yes, it was due to be 'at home'), look what we saw outside the window as we were eating lunch!
All fixtures cancelled!!
Heard a knock at the door this morning which was odd - what is wrong with our doorbell?!

Seems you cannot reach the doorbell when you are the Postman carrying a load of parcels for La Famille Upex!

I thanked him and went to close the door - and he said NO, THERE ARE MORE!!!!! Ten in total.......he was rather flabbergasted.


Lesley said...

I recognise 3 of them!! I am glad that they arrived safely and in time!

Jacqui U said...

Beautifully packaged as well!

We have hidden the girls' ones of course.....just hope I remember where!

Hope you feel better soon.