Friday, 7 December 2007

The Colour Orange

Do not even think of sending me anything Orange for Christmas!

Look at this photo - a very rare event captured on film in our village.

About two weeks ago, our Internet connection went down at EXACTLY midnight. By coincidence (!) so did our neighbours', who are also with Orange/Wanadoo.

Richard, fairly fluent in French (most locals think he is from Belgium?!), admits to not being very good at arguing in the language and especially over the phone.

However, he has had a lot of practise over the last couple of weeks!

Alternating each day with our neighbour, he has been harassing Orange...only to be told each time that they could find nothing wrong at their end. Oh yeh, Right!!

We have tried everything at this end, swapping between our three telephone points, testing the electrical output of each and buying new cable to replace what we currently have. All to no avail.

Worrying about our growing mountain of e-mails, and astonished at how 'out of it' we all felt with no electronic communication...........we managed to find an Internet Café.

Problem?! When you log in down there, I forgot (did I ever know?!) that there would be no contacts list - so was not able to e-mail people unless they had just sent us a message! Using a French keyboard was 'fun' and also, whatever Internet link they had, it was shit - it kept losing our e-mails as we typed!!

I also could not get it to let me into my blog, but that is another story.

Having just about accepted that we would have to go down to the café every few days - we were told it was shutting down the very next day! What is it about us and the Internet....

Orange promised faithfully (again!!) that their 'expert' would be phoning us this evening at 17:00 - and yes, throughout our problems the telephone line was always working!!

Then at 14:00 an Orange van appeared in our village and an 'expert' knocked at our neighbour's door - come to try and find the problem. When pestered to send someone out, Orange stipulated that a charge of several hundred euros would be made if they did not find anything wrong with their stuff. Our neighbour used various French words unknown to us (as well as our children, surprisingly) at that point!

Richard was around there like a shot. The expert could not find anything wrong next door, but changed everything he could think of.....and the link started working again. Interestingly enough - so did ours - at the very same moment!?

With no explanations forthcoming as to why, we are just thankful to be up and running again!

Curiously, the Expert did mention one thing that might be causing problems. Orange only offer 1mb or 8 mb connections. Both our neighbour and we originally signed up to Wanadoo, for their 2mb link. He wonders if, because our set-ups are running 2mb software etc, this might be confusing the 1mb link we are now provided with by Orange. Our village cannot have the 8mb one unfortunately.

Oh well. At least we have been connected for an hour! Long may it continue....


Lesley said...

Hooray! Welcome back! I hope it will be for longer than an hour though.

Jacqui U said...

Two hours so far.....!