Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Thanks

So many thank-yous but just a few listed here because I had some photos!
Thank-you Richard for putting up with me!

Thank-you LeeLee and Nic for being the best daughters any Mum could have. And for my present - a super duper new digital camera! This is the last picture taken on our old one .... by Nic .... and I forgive the 'Happy Birthday' paper. One day Richard will get used to having to wear his glasses - and I DO appreciate that most people would have assumed that gold stars DID mean it was Xmas paper! Thank-you Patrick and Susan for the amazing scarf you gave to Nic. She wore it many different ways, all day long! And thank-you for LeeLee's night shirt - she hardly took it off all day!

Thank-you Lesley and Steve for the shawls and earrings you sent for the girls. They loved the colours and tried them as shawls as well as scarves - showing us how well they went with ALL the clothes in their wardrobes! (they are a bit blurry eyed in some of these photos - it was early in the morning, you know!)

Thank-you Granddad for the boxes of English sweets you sent for the girls - they have eaten a lot of them already!!

Thank-you Carol, John and Holly for this exquisite glass Christmas tree with ornaments that trembled beautifully in the sun. Sorry my picture did not do it justice!Thank-you Denise & Ross, Fiona, Emma, Vasilis & Ioannis for all our presents! LeeLee tells me (as she is on her way up to bed) that she has already finished two of her books. And Nic has been playing on her replacement Nintendo DS all day, curled up on the sofa!Thank-you Granddad Colin for our presents - the girls are deciding which party to wear their new jewellery to, and which chocolate recipes Richard & I are going to try first!

Thank-you Richard for our delicious, moist and tender turkey - even though you could not resist 'smoking' it a bit! A successful Xmas barbecue. A full English Christmas plate of goodies.

Xena saying thank-you for her special dinner - the most alert you will ever see a Sussex Spaniel! Never seen her eat so fast either ....


Lesley said...

Happy Christmas!! I am glad that you all liked your presents.

Many thanks for ours as well. It was great to say Hi on the phone too.

Dad had a good time, and will be with us again today for lunch, with Pete and Jenny also coming. We will have to have our kitchen table added onto the dining room table!

It is great to see your pictures too. You are good to take them in the middle of all the fun xx

Jacqui U said...

Hope you have survived Christmas, etc!

Lots of leftovers, like us, I expect?

Lots of love