Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve: Part 3

We got back from our wonderful evening at Riet and Albert's - to face wrapping all the presents.

Ever tried sending two daughters to bed on Christmas Eve? It was like trying to dislodge trodden-in chewing gum with water!

Anyway, three hours later Richard and I were finally finished (!) and staggered off to bed - after wishing each other Happy Christmas of course!!

Why did it take so long, I hear you ask. Well first we had to try and find the five roles of sellotape that we had hidden SOMEWHERE in the house - to prevent Nic using them all up before today. Not sure what she does with them, but we seem to get through miles of it!

Look at the pile under the tree ..... and spilling over the floor. That was all our hard work!

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