Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve: Part 2

Our dear friends Riet and Albert invited us round tonight to join their family celebrations - and it was a super evening!

With their daughter Margot, her husband Arnold and their little boy Floris, it was excellent food and great conversations. A true start to Noël!
Floris is gorgeous - and just walking, so up to every mischief! With Dutch as the family language, an English speaking lady helping at home and going to a French nursery - he is bidding fair to be totally trilingual. When told 'No' in Dutch (pronounced 'neigh') he points to his nose - as in 'nez' in French!!

The selection of seafood starters included home-cooked bulots which were delicious - especially when dunked into Riet's famous aiöli! And this from someone not usually into snail-like shellfish.

It was a lovely meal - but I only remembered to take a picture of the cheese board after we had already eaten most of it! The old Dutch cheese was my absolute favourite, although the stilton was a taste of home - the port helped of course!By the way, I think Albert was pleased with his present - homemade chocolate truffles, half rolled in cocoa powder and half dunked in white chocolate. Though he was lucky that the girls had not eaten some of them by the time we got to their house!And if YOU are a chocoholic - make sure you read my post for Boxing Day.......

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