Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Chocoholics Of The World.....

.... Unite. Around our dining table.
Richard's sister Denise and her husband Ross gave us a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN for Christmas! Did I shout that loud enough?! Is there anyone out there who has not wished for one of these?!

Well - we have one!! And tried it out this evening!!

1. Put it together. HINT: read the manual.2. Fill it up. I managed this without reading the manual....3. Switch it on.4. Level the little feet. HINT: if you over-level them, they unscrew totally.5. Dive in!!6. Get covered with chocolate!7. Think about how you are going to clean it. HINT: read the manual - it specifically says 'get the husband to do it'.
With so many presents stacked on the chairs, the cat had problems finding somewhere to rest her weary feet. Ended up hiding under the table!

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