Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Bibble & Babble

Just how close to the fire can a Sussex Spaniel get, do you think?!
Whatever happened to the high-flying female executive I used to be?! I have turned into a weird homemaker - unable to waste anything!

I picked up a couple of bunches of roses when I was at the shops last week. Fresh flowers are one of the things I miss about our 'counting the pennies, poorer than before' life.

They were on special offer, so I treated us all - well, OK, myself! They looked lovely, and brightened up the lounge.

No! This is not a picture of them!! Well, yes it is - but there is a reason!
This morning I realised they really were due to be chucked out, but the dying flower heads still had some colour left in them. Suddenly - I had a brain wave! Rather rare nowadays....

I pulled all the petals off and dried them above the woodburning stove.
I now have two bowls of beautifully dried rose petals.Anyone have a wedding coming up - featuring red or yellow?! Because I have not got a clue what else you do with them other than chuck them over a happy couple!
LeeLee was at school this morning as usual and got back on the bus at lunchtime.

It is funny how the girls switch between their English/French lives down here.

As soon as she entered the house, LeeLee started telling us all about her morning - verbal diarrhoea, as I might have mentioned before.

In amongst the babble, she said '... an orgy ......' at which point both Richard and I burst into laughter and said 'What did you say?!'

And not for the obvious reason (I cannot be bothered to explain the actual story she was retelling - we have not got all day!) but because she pronounced it orGy as in 'organ' but replace the an by y. Rather than orgy pronounced like orgee as in geegee as in a horse. Are you following this?!

She then went on and said '... and really militated herself .....' at which point Richard and I recommended she worked harder at her English lessons in order not to humiliate herself further!
Yesterday, the builder was starting work on our apartment, turning up at 8:00am. Therefore Richard and I had to be there earlier to get the furniture out of the way.

Being a gracious wife, I said I would get up and deal with the girls (Richard normally does this) and wake him just before we had to leave for the apartment. Men do not need so long to get ready ....

Nic immediately asked if I would curl her hair since I was going to be up anyway - so I spent nearly an hour (Yes, an hour!) using curling tongs on a freezing cold early morning! Sucker?!

Five minutes before their bus arrived, LeeLee appeared in the kitchen and asked where on earth was their toast and marmite? Dad always has it ready for them!

As I expanded their English vocabulary, Richard came down to go to the loo, and was accosted by the girls - Mum had not made their toast?!
Being a good father (Sucker!!) he made it for them, in his underpants and socks......

And would you believe it?! He even cuts it into soldiers for them!!

This mother is unlikely to be getting up early again for quite a while.


vickiiii said...

heyyy :D

its vicky.
you all okay??

howz life .xx?/?

hope to see you soon

miss you ..

lotz of love


Jacqui U said...

Can this be Vicky - whom I remember in a St Thomas' uniform getting ready to go to ballet?!

How are you - it is lovely to hear from you!!

Lots of love


Gogus said...

It's a dogs life and Xena is making the most of it.
Would they be same roses which appear in the studio photos?
Love Carol & John xxx

Jacqui U said...

Dear Grogus

Yes they would! How did you guess?!

Just be thankful that the dried rose petals did not end up strewn all over the studio for the photos! But I decided it might give the wrong impression of a holiday in Lamalou.....

vickii3 said...

yeh its me .. vicky

i lost interest in the ballet :D

im doin great wat about you?

howz everybody over there.

hope to see you soon

vicky xxx

Jacqui U said...

Dear Vicky

So pleased to hear from you!

If you have an e-mail address, send a message to me on:
because we (and the girls) would love to 'chat' properly. It is not so easy via the blog!!

Love to all