Friday, 9 November 2007

Winter Hours (cont.)

Set off today to go to the Santon Musée in Clermont l'Herault...........

.......which does not open in the mornings during the winter.

Went along to the Olive Oil producer just down the road instead, which was open.

Gave up for the day and went home.
Colin brought some Cornish cheeses with him as presents for us. Well, when I say 'us' I mean Richard and me of course. For some reason he chose chocolate and English sweets for the girls......

The cheeses were delicious and we have finished off two already. Only two others left in the fridge now.

The Keltic Gold (bottom right) was excellent and had that wonderful 'smelly feet' type of pungency.

Sue’s Keltic Gold Cheese
A cow’s milk washed rind cheese made by Sue Proudfoot at Whalesborough Farm on the north Cornish coast. Keltic Gold has a soft sticky texture and a pungent edible rind. Its flavour is full and rounded with a delicate sweetness.

Richard fell in love with the Somerset Gold (bottom left) - he misses cheddar type cheeses so much!!

They were from the Lansdown Dairy, 5 Lansdown Road, Bude, Cornwall if you are ever going that way.....
Off to a party tonight - might be late blogging tomorrow.

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