Tuesday, 20 November 2007

UPDATE: View From Our Ruin !

Just to cheer you all up - thought you would like to see our view this morning. Yes, it is not always bright sunshine in the South of France!
Last night we saw Michael our neighbour clearing his garden......and thought that maybe we would stack our chairs on the terrace. Just in case a bit of bad weather was on the way.

Throughout the night the wind built and the rain started. This morning - this is what we saw.
The white table is usually behind where I am standing to take the picture. And had had on top of it a couple of Richard's tool boxes full of chisels, spanners and other heavy objects. These are now liberally spread over the terrace!When Richard got up with the girls (not a red alert so schools are still open!) the gale force was so bad it was forcing the catflap to be permanently horizontal and letting in all the rain and wind.

The cat had got up with him, eaten some breakfast, and gone out for a quick pee. Bad move! Richard decided to batten down the hatches and shut all the shutters.
He came back to bed and went to sleep.

Vaguely, I remember hearing meowing but thought - can't be our cat - there is no way she would be out in this storm. Of course, when we got up, I found out what Richard had done - locked her out!
We have been calling her every quarter of an hour to let her in since then. Just to make Richard feel guilty, she did not come home. She deliberately waited until he left at lunchtime to pick the girls up, before appearing at the window to be let in!

Having had a VERY BAD week with the Internet, we fully expected to have no electricity, telephone, satellite or Internet today with such a storm raging outside - as is usual in these conditions.

Just to piss me off - it is all working beautifully! So here is today's post - early!

For the first time ever, we have rain being forced in through the cracks round the patio door onto the terrace. That is how strong the wind is!!

The girls have just got back for lunch and said that their teachers are not in this afternoon - they are supporting the National Strike.

It is amazing how 'supportive' they become in an afternoon when the weather is atrocious! They were all in class this morning!

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