Friday, 16 November 2007

Things I Hate ....

..... in the blogger world.

(I know - I am a gobby, miserable, so-and-so sometimes. Or so my children tell me!)

1. Blogs that have adverts all over the pages.

It slows everything down and I HATE having advertisements thrust at me, whether it is on the Internet, in the street or through the mail!! One blog I used to enjoy reading, got so bad that it would lock up my PC until all I could do was crash and reboot it. I no longer go there!!

I know you 'earn' some money from adverts, but you lose readers because of it. And who the hell actually looks at these adverts with a view to buying?!

2. Blogs that go many days without a posting - with no warning!

I might be unreasonable (unlikely, but I will concede that there is a possibility...), but if you are interested in attracting readers to your blog - then you could at least bother to do some posts regularly.

When I find a blog I enjoy, I check it each day to see what is happening in their world. If it goes a few days without anything new - I get fed up and often never go back.

I know you get busy sometimes and maybe go on holiday (!), but surely it would be a courtesy to say ' will be away for a while - come back again in about xx number of days'. It is not rocket science, you is called customer service!

3. Advertising articles poorly disguised as posts.

We are not idiots, so do not treat us like one! If a blog is about your daily is surprisingly easy to spot a post in which you suddenly purport to 'love' some obscure rental car company, ferry operator with cheap deals or property company.

And I don't think it will pull the wool over the eyes of the Taxman either! (No income to declare?! Yeah, right!!)

4. Blogs that are fake.

Where every other post 'mentions' in passing the fact that you rent out your house/gite, or drops into the conversation that you (or a friend) have some 'lovely items currently for sale on an e-bay shop'.

Be upfront - and I will let you get away with it. Try and be sneaky and, well, goodbye!

Tell me about your REAL day to day life running a gite, with all its trials and tribulations, and I am happy. Yes you have a gite to rent, and I hope you get some customers via the blog. But at least your posts are interesting.

If it is a blog specifically to advertise your gite - great! But be up front and say so at the top - do not try and disguise it as a personal blog.

5. Miserable blogs.

I want to read about your real life, with all its ups and downs.

But, get real. If you only write about all the negatives, with permanent depression - surely you need proper therapy help, not the home grown variety via an online diary that you have opened up to the whole world?!

6. Pictures.

They always make posts more interesting - try and include some now and then.

7. Expat Forums.

Great idea - but most, in practise, end up with too much 'junk' chatting on the forums.

If I look under a 'subject heading' in a forum, what is the use of finding the same handful of people wandering off the subject in their own little world. Get active administrators - and make sure only relevant posts are loaded!!


I feel better now! Normal postings resume tomorrow!


Alex said...

I couldn't agree more. You hit the nail on the head! And I also hate cliches!

Jacqui U said...

Good to know I am not the only 'Bah, Humbug' person in the bloggersphere!