Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Spanish Adventures

The girls had their vaccines, but beforehand the Doctor gave them a general check-up.

Whilst listening to Nic's chest, he asked her to cough. Pour quoi? said our little cherub in a questioning voice, roughly translated as : Why should I?

It is so embarrassing sometimes being a parent!
We were picking up a relative at Girona airport today.
Having got used to living in a foreign country and understanding (without really thinking) most of what they say - it always comes as a shock going to Spain.

We feel like fish out of water, perturbed at not being able to reply and speak to the locals!

We can all say hello and goodbye, and Richard can count and order the required number of beers......but that is about it.

The family consensus was that Nic will have to do Spanish next year. With a daughter that can get by for us in Germany, we need one for Spain.

LeeLee was so put out at not knowing what to say, that she has got a Spanish Language course out of the library to teach herself!

Nic has decided to go and visit her friend Juditte more often - they speak Spanish at home and only revert to French when Nic visits. She is going to ask them to stick to Spanish in future!!
As a treat, we took the girls to Burger King just outside Girona airport. On a previous trip we found the only Burger King within 1500 miles of us, and thought it would be a surprise for them one day.

I have never seen two girls look so gobsmacked and wide-eyed! They were speechless and as happy as if Christmas had come early. They have lost count of the number of years it has been since they have had 'junk food'.

Mind you, we have never been to a Burger King where you cannot actually get in - they checked the customers over first before they opened the door each time! We got the impression it was not a very salubrious area of Northern Spain.......

Then we had the joy of ordering all our 'favourites' in Spanish......and that was when LeeLee decided she needed to learn the language!

Anyway, we got what we wanted - even though we had to provide photo ID before they would accept a credit card.

We were all very happy bunnies! It is amazing how wonderful a 'forbidden treat' can taste.

Burger King have always been better than McDonalds in our view anyway and because they never get many customers in places like this down here, they cook everything to order. It all tasted excellent.


Reasons to go to Spain, other than the obvious?

Diesel is very cheap - it is amazing how far you can travel in France on an empty tank if you want to reach the cheap Spanish diesel!

Alcohol is substantially cheaper - even Pastis which is made in France in the first place!

So we arrived at the airport with a boot full of pastis, gin, 10 year old brandy and sherry - and a very pissed off older daughter. We had promised to get some Malibu (which she drinks with coke) and guess what?! They did not have any!!

Well, Richard and I are all set for Christmas.......want to come and visit us over the hols?!

Next week we are taking our relative back to Girona, and are currently compiling a list of bottles to bring back for all our friends in the village - the number of bottles of pastis is up into double figures already, and we have only spoken to a couple so far!!

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