Saturday, 17 November 2007


For about 6 days we have had workmen in the village playing around with our (above ground!) telephone cables.

During this time, we have had very intermittent Internet connections.

The workmen disappeared three days ago - and since then we have had NO Internet connection at all!!!

I am fed up......and SCREAMING !!

So apologies to everyone - I have not been able to post to the blog(s). Of course I cannot now remember anything that has happened.
Tomorrow we have friends coming for Sunday lunch and I decided to make pistou soup as the starter.

Usually I make the stock for soup by roasting a chicken (for dinner) and then using the carcass the next day.

This time I decided instead to poach the chicken in white wine and water, with large chunks of vegetables (so that they do not disintegrate into the liquid!). It was a success!

We had the poached chicken (excluding the skin!) for dinner and I had a wonderful, flavoursome stock for the soup!!

For the last 36 hours I have been trying to get a connection to the Orange server to 'see' the e-mails there, and finally one came back just now.

Guess what it was?!

Orange telling us we had some 'undesirables' we should check. I would if I could get their f***ing server to connect!!!!!

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