Saturday, 3 November 2007

Scoffing Encore!

It is amazing what you have left over from a dinner party. We are on our second day - with plenty to eat!

We had had a salad between the starter and the main course of roasted (with a drizzle of walnut oil and balsamic vinegar) fresh beetroot. What was left over.....I ate for breakfast yesterday. Yep! Gross I know but I LOVE fresh beetroot, whilst hating it pickled.

Well lunch today consisted of the cheese platter from the party, the left over salami from the canapés (our favourite at the moment has walnuts mixed in with the pork), the remaining radishes and of course the last fresh beetroot.
Who ate the beetroot? Me!! No one else likes it. What a was wonderful with a sprinkling of sea salt and ground black pepper.

The cheeses were brie, a log of runny goat (?), the left over Roquefort and our absolute favourite - Broucaou. That's the big chunk - I bought enough to last us a week! As it matures, the flavour changes and deepens so it is ideal to buy enough to keep. It cost a whopping 25 euros - but it was a kilo!!

This was my plate!
Earlier in the week, Nic had taken her carefully hoarded pocket money to Vetimarché to buy a pair of jeans. She only gets two euros a week (and that, only if she has cleaned and tidied her bedroom!) so this was a MAJOR purchase for her.

Nic is quite decisive (unlike a certain older sister I could mention!) and so after trying on three different styles, she knew which one she wanted. The problem? They only had one in her size and one of the metal 'rivet type' fasteners was missing/broken.

Now Vetimarché is not what you would call a top-notch shop. The clothes are fairly cheap and cheaply-made but the teenagers love them. The stock changes every 3-4 weeks and so they are able to keep up to date fashion wise for little money.

The jeans chosen by Nic were new in, so not in a sale - they cost 11.95 euros. Wow, I hear you say! Expensive!

At the changing rooms, there were 4 shop assistants chatting together. So typical (I thought) - why aren't they serving customers?!

I spoke to them, pointing out that the fastener was broken and that there were no others in the right size - hoping (I admit) to get some money knocked off. OK, I am a cheapskate, but it was Nic's pocket money!

The 4 girls then discussed amongst themselves, and finally (and apologetically) explained that they could not repair it for me since they did not have the special machine required. What?! Turns out these 4 girls are there, at the changing rooms, to carry out on-site alterations as requested by customers! I take it back - they were not just 'not serving customers'!

They said that I should speak to the lady at the till - and I did. There were two ladies serving there (!) and after checking that the 'alterers' could not do it, said that they could send the pair of jeans away to be repaired if we liked. They apologised, and said unfortunately it would take 3 days (because there was a bank holiday the next day). They declined my offer of payment in advance - Oh no, that would not be right, they said. Wait until you are sure you are happy with the repair!

A bit gob-smacked, I said OK - and back we went to day, 3 days later to pick them up.

They were there, the repair was excellent and Nic was very happy!

Vetimarché might sell cheap and cheerful clothes, but I have to say their service level was very impressive.

LeeLee was off to the cinema this afternoon with a couple of friends. It took lots of discussion last night on the telephone, and with me in the room, for them to agree such important things as when, where to meet, who was driving and picking up who, etc. LeeLee is not the best at covering all the bases, but she seemed to get there in the end.......

I drove her to the cinema for 2:00pm. She had borrowed Richard's mobile (her's is out of credit...quelle surprise!) and would phone us when they were ready to be picked up.

I got home to find that she had already phoned Richard to say - pick up is 5:00pm. Great. Only problem? Her friends were on our doorstep with Richard at the time - and friend's Mum was outside in the car expecting to drive them all, including LeeLee, to the cinema......

'Pissup' and 'brewery' springs to mind.....

What do we do with her?!

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