Monday, 12 November 2007

Santons - Encore!

Persevering.........we set off again to the Musée Santons du Monde.

This time (although we were a bit early) it did open, and on time!

Interesting and popular with children, it is amazing just how many countries around the world make santons and in particular - nativity crechés. The materials they use are so diverse, and I love the fact that the 'characters' of the models reflect the people themselves and their own way of life.

How many of you know that in South America they believe that a lama was in the stable specifically to 'breathe' on the baby Jesus - because their breathe is used to provide warmth!

We had a great evening with our friends Riet and Albert. They invited us for aperos and we came away very well fed indeed!! No supper for us was needed afterwards! Their homemade aoli was the best we had ever tasted.

Their villa is looking super - after a couple of months of hard work, their extension is virtually finished and by opening up the inside of the main building they have produced a fantastic open plan home. Ideal now that they are retiring down here to live permanently - we are so pleased!
No photos because I left the camera at our friends - I will post some when I can!!

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