Thursday, 15 November 2007

Readers and Friends

I am still amazed to find that people actually read my 'waffle' on this blog, and am especially chuffed when it is someone who found it by accident on the Internet - rather than just a family member!!

Carol & John recently came across my postings at a time when they were in the process of buying a studio just down the road in Lamalou. What a coincidence!

And today we got to meet up for the first time! There are some people you hit it off with straight away - and we are looking forward to them coming round for Sunday lunch this weekend. Will keep you posted.....with photos hopefully.

Our dog was absolutely delighted when we got two kittens (really!) and loved them to bits....until they started 'padding' her ears and tummy, etc. Then she told us in no uncertain terms that the novelty had worn off and the cats could go back to wherever they came from.

Only problem? The cats continue to view Xena as their favourite mother and snuggle up to her at every opportunity.

Prohibited from persuading them to leave her alone by using her teeth, she resorts to scowling.....which does not do any good. So she ends up pushing off in a huff.

Trouble is.......the cat (one died unfortunately) usually follows!
Sharing the dog's bed............even if it is difficult to snuggle up to the bum end!

(Dog is not dead, honest, just dead to the world in front of the warm fire!)

Dog realises what is going on.......and pushes off.

Cat follows....

Dog scowling ....

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