Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Pressie, Autumn and Winter On It's Way

Nic went out to the bin and came back shouting that we had a pressie in the post box. Thank-you Lesley and Steve for our jigsaw puzzle! We have almost finished it......
Richard and I went to the Foire d'Autumn in Bedarieux this weekend. We left the girls fast asleep - they are making the most of the holidays!

The stalls were right over the bridge and throughout the town. Look at the water level of the Orb - when we get the rains, it reaches the top of the left arch and covers the car park on the left.
There were some interesting stalls, not least the one explaining all you ever needed to know about chestnuts! At least I now know the difference between chataignes and marrons, and did not realise how many different varieties there are.I loved the local fishing club stall. They put about 30 trout in the central fountain and invited people to take a fishing lesson with them, there and then!! The kids loved it. The trout....I am not too sure, but they were lively. Every time they were all caught, back they went into the fountain!
It is getting dark early now and our afternoon walk is almost pitch black. It must be cold as well - look at the girls all wrapped up in coats!

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