Friday, 2 November 2007

Post Party Scoffing

Put on my leggings, socks and t-shirt to go to bed last night. And put on a fleece as well and went to bed. It was a cold night in our stone ruin with no central heating!

During the three minutes between my head hitting the pillow and my lights going out, I thought of some great things to say on this blog.

But by morning - I could not remember them! I was a bit drunk you know!!
The worst thing about having a dinner party is having to hand wash the best china the next day! The best thing?! Is eating all the left overs! We basically re-played the whole dinner - but spread over the whole day this time!!

Minestrone soup with grated Parmesan cheese and pesto for lunch.

Roquefort cheese dip with tortillas for a snack - but rather short on tortillas. We do have two gannets in the house otherwise known as children!

Little sausages to dip in mustard and honey - only two lonely ones left. Considered why they might have been left by the gannets (see above) and decided the dog could enjoy them!

Dinner was steak, mushroom and kidney casserole - with colcannon made into patties, dusted in flour and fried.....basically 'day after' bubble and squeak, but try explaining that name to the French!!

Pudding....well that was another story.

We tried two new recipes for the dinner party - two Nigella ones. And they were a disaster - one was our fault, the other was just a crappy recipe!

The Roquefort dip was meant to have avocado mashed up in it as well, but after four days they were still as hard as rocks.

The pudding recipe?! Well common 'cookery' sense told us that mixing large quantities of acid with cream would curdle it - but we decided to believe Nigella - she assured us it would work! But it didn't.

So we chucked out the left overs - it must have been bad when even the gannets declined to whinge when I did this!

Would you believe that making a slow-cooked casserole of steak, mushroom and kidney could be so complicated. Surely you put it in the slow-cooker and leave it for hours?!

Yes, except when you have one child that likes the mushrooms but not the kidney, whilst the other only likes the beef!

So the recipe now reads:

Slow cook the beef ON ITS OWN for several hours. Remove two portions suitable for two awkward children.
Put these portions in another pot.
Fry the kidneys and add to main pot.
Fry the mushrooms and remove one portion suitable for a less awkward child.
Add remaining mushrooms to the main pot and slow cook for an hour.
When dinner time approaches, put the extra pot on to heat up. Do not forget about it - it will burn on the bottom!! But then again, it is just for two awkward children......

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