Friday, 23 November 2007


As you can see, I have been tinkering with my blog's template.

I thought there was a lot of wasted space so I have expanded it across the screen. This in turn meant I could increase the size of the font - for those readers who are optically challenged!

Still some tidying up to do, and I am not yet convinced whether I like watch this space.

Today we have been looking at christmas trees - yes, it is only 4.5 weeks away!!!!

Since we are staying home this year, we have decided to put one on the terrace and put up new lights etc round the over hang.

Richard LOVES lights and so these are already bought. He cannot wait to start putting them up!!!


Gogus said...

I was happily catching up on postings fully under the impression my eye site had improved will i had been on holiday until i read this to have my hopes dashed. Better go and find my reading glasses AGAIN!!!

Jacqui U said...

Glad you both got home safely - it was lovely to meet you when you came over!!

Notice you took the sunshine back with you....