Saturday, 24 November 2007

Pink, Teenagers and Mind Reading

Saw a food & drink programme today where everyone looked down their noses at rosé wine, describing it as a 'girls drink'. The cheek of it!!

In England, they are obviously not used to the wide range of quality pink wines we have available around here.

Children everywhere deride their parents' dress style. With two teenagers in our house, we get the usual flak.

How come then items keep disappearing out of my wardrobe and appearing on said teenagers?!

The worst thing is that the ever-growing Nic looks like joining LeeLee soon in having the same sized feet as me. I will have no shoes/boots left to wear!!

(PICTURE: Baby of the family nearly as tall as me now!)

Neither Richard nor I get around to buying clothes etc for ourselves very often, so it was quite an event when I bought a black/grey striped top in the sales last month.

Trouble is - I have not had a chance to wear it. LeeLee however is seen at college in it every week!!

For months now, LeeLee has been bewailing the fact that she NEEDS some black jeans. Well, she gets an allowance, so what is the problem - go buy a pair!

Trouble is, she spends her allowance each month before she gets around to buying the jeans. Next thing I see this week - MY black jeans suddenly appearing on her.

Seems the 'so dated, straight legged, bound to be too big for me' black jeans are 'OK really' all of a sudden.
I sat up late last night drawing up our Christmas lists (why is it ALWAYS the Mother that has to do this?!). Richard and my 'joint' list comprised mainly of books as you can imagine (!).

This morning I found a delivery from Amazon in our post box - an Xmas present from our Best Man and his family in England. It was a particular book that I had only found out about last night - and had added to our list!!

A bit freaky when you find out that people know you SO well!

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