Monday, 19 November 2007

Music and Friends

Making the most of the Internet actually working (!) I am posting three at a time - just to catch up!!

Carol and John (who were here for lunch yesterday) had brought with them their music albums on three DVDs - goodness, each disk holds so much!!

They kindly asked if we would like to take copies.....and that is what Richard is doing at the moment.

The girls were delighted because there are many artists that they love - and it meant they could cross these albums off their Christmas lists! Or, more accurately, my Christmas list. It is amazing how many albums get onto my list - where the artist is totally unknown to me!?

Richard is delighted because there are albums that he has got on vinyl (if you are younger than us, you will not know what I am talking about!!) and has never got around to buying on CD yet. He is crooning to all the Neil Diamond ones at this very moment!

Me, I am sure I am going to be delighted but I just cannot get on that computer at the moment - there are too many people queuing up for it!!

So thank-you so much Carol and John - we are all delighted with your choices of music!!

Up until two weeks ago, LeeLee did not have Windows Messenger available on our PCs to 'speak' to her friends. She had survived quite happily without it.

With the Internet being 'down' these last few days - LeeLee has been going ballistic. 'But I HAVE to talk to my friends this evening - it is VERY important! Make it work, Mum!'

Mum's reply - use the phone then!!


Richard has just discovered 'Steeleye Span' on the DVD's - and it is amazing how you remember the words after all these years!!

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