Thursday, 22 November 2007

Miserable Day

A miserable day, lots of rain and gale force winds.

In the midst of this, our neighbour has had to dig up the chemin next to our house because his sewage pipe is blocked, so lots of mud and caca.

Try sending the dog out to 'do her business' whilst explaining to her that she must not join in with our neighbour's fun!
Nic got her first 20 out of 20 in a Technology test today. What a surprise - it wasn't for English?!

So we gave her a ten euro bonus and then she was surprised - she did not realise we paid a bounty for full marks!

Who says children work hard for the love of it?! We always found that a monetary reward worked wonders with LeeLee!

Very pleased that, whatever else they struggle with, our children know all about computers in two languages. The techno test was on all the various symbols etc on a Windows/PC screen eg minimise the screen, change the font, etc.

What was funny when we saw Nic's test, was that instead of writing the answers they had been taught in class - she wrote her own (more accurate) actual descriptions. The teacher was a bit surprised, but admitted he could not fault her.

My guess is that she did not bother to learn the lesson, just relied on her practical knowledge.....

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