Sunday, 25 November 2007

Marchés de Noël Arrivent !

With Christmas on the horizon, markets are appearing everywhere in our region.

(Look here to see a list of those scheduled in our Department!)

Today, our options were - Roujan (Foire au gras), Olargues (Fête du Marron et du Vin Nouveau) and Poujols Sur Orb (Grand Marché Cévenol).

We decided on Roujan because last time it was great fun - all along the main streets. This year however it was in the area near the stade with only a handful of stalls.

It seems they have moved the main Marché de Noël to the nearby Château Abbaye de Cassan next weekend. Our issue?! The Chateau insists on charging you to go in their gate to look at the stalls - in addition to charging all the stall holders a hefty fee!! We boycott them on principle - as we have mentioned before when we found them charging to let you through their gate to reach brocante stalls!!

Disappointed with Roujan, we motored back to Poujol sur Orb just down the road.

This little town sits by the river, over which is a newly restored bridge - the old one was famous for the sign that told you that it was unsafe to travel across it if the temperature was below a certain level!

Just at the entrance to the marché, were two donkeys and two mules offering rides to the children - the animals came from a working farm in the mountains.

The animals were in beautiful condition with thick winter coats so soft to the touch.

The tails of the mules looked like they had been plaited at the top, but were in fact trimmed into that pattern. Incredible!

What took me aback was how tall/large the mules were. Their backs were on a level with people's heads! They could not fit under the awnings of the stalls!!

Last year at the marché there was a lady showing children how to 'throw' pots and displaying some of her wares. We fell in love with them and their black and white glaze, but none were for sale. She make pottery for her own enjoyment - not for resale.

She was there again today and once again we were in awe of the quality of her modelling and the black and white glazes. This time we persuaded her to sell us one little pot - and it is now sitting proudly on our table.

Not sure who to give ham or garlic to for Christmas - but there was a lot to choose from!


Alex said...

The wide screen format is much better.

Jacqui U said...

Glad you liked it!

Not saying I had trouble getting the photos on the left with the correct words next to them on the left.....

......but 48 hours to get one post right?!

Jacqui U said...

I meant - correct words on the RIGHT of course.

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