Monday, 17 December 2007


This was the post I was typing when the Internet went down for two weeks! Seems a shame to waste it, so here it is - just a little late.
Smokey brought us a present this evening. I like mine wrapped in pretty paper and DEAD! Not furry, going squeak and still running very fast!

Guess where the mouse went first.

Yep behind here.

Yep, there is rain water in the glass pot, Smokey - we have a leaky roof!

The mouse then ran out under the cat's nose, right across the room and.....

.....under this cabinet!

Smokey decides that the best, most comfortable place to wait for the mouse to come out from the dog's bed.

But she needs more room.......all to herself.

She stayed there all evening and all night. When we went into the sitting room the next morning....she was still there, but decided to give up. She assumed the mouse had gone home!

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