Saturday, 10 November 2007

How Old?! - Party

Had a great time at the party tonight - shame we spelt the birthday boy's name wrong (with a G instead of a J) and made a card saying 21, when he is in fact only 20.........but we were told he was 21! Honestly!!

It was also wonderful to see that parents (and mothers in particular) take great delight in embarrassing their children everywhere in the world!!

The Mum and Aunt dressed up as the famous 'two busybodies of the village' and proceeded to tell us every thing they could remember about Jerome's life so far. Everything he wished could be forgotten. They then handed round the words of a song - made up by all the family - in his honour, for us all to sing. It was hilarious!
Invited for 8:00pm, we arrived about 15 minutes late. This was not a problem since the first course of the sit down meal arrived at 11:10pm!! Yes, there were three hours of drinking and chatting beforehand.

Four courses later, and we still had not had the main course! Anyway, we gradually progressed into the early hours of the morning, through the cheese and finally the special cake.

Just look at it! It was about 3.5 feet long, 1.5 feet wide and 1 foot high, with a plateau of nut brittle on which a picture of a sanglier and shotgun (he loves hunting) and a birthday message had been hand-painted.
Almost as impressive were the two loaves of bread especially made by the same baker for the party - they were each about six feet long!

We finally gave up and went home at 2:30am. Heavy headed and tired the next day ......

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