Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Halloween and Scaring Guests Away!

Our neighbour's young son came around this afternoon to invite Nicole to go 'Trick or Treating' tonight. And we had packed away all the Halloween stuff into boxes and into the caves yesterday! Typical!!

So out they all came again, Nic dressed up as a Goth and a hoard of about 10 friends went round to a few houses in the village - with a parent in tow. Great fun had by all!!
Spring cleaning fever hit the sitting room floor today.

Whoever was the idiot that chose to lay white (with wisps of grey) tiles on the floor was obviously not the housewife who had to clean them!!

Well, where there is a will, there is a way - and Richard got out the dishwasher liquid. It is amazing what that will get off!!

We thought the tiles looked pretty white to begin with - well, no they weren't! Not judging by the dirty water we were left with.
Today we got rid of our 'difficult' guest in our apartment. A day early - there is a God!!

Guests have to be out by 10:00am, and by fluke we heard that her taxi was booked for midday - today. And she had paid until tomorrow morning.

Have you guessed it? Yes, the little old lady wanted to have a refund for the last day, did not want to pay for the cleaning and 'did not realise she had to pay for electricity and water!?' Isn't that funny....

With charming smiles on our faces, we pointed out that all this had been detailed in the original proposal letter (6 months ago), in the contract she signed (two months ago) and in the provisional facture we gave her when she arrived three weeks ago - and which she paid as required at that time!

Her poor 'helper'. It seems a company in Beziers sorts out getting disabled people around the country and provide a 'helper' for the duration of their stay. This nice lady had been instructed to get all the bedding washed and dried, and to clean the whole apartment - so that the little old lady could avoid paying the menage fee.

No chance!!

When the little old lady started on again about the fact that the apartment was NOT suitable for disabled people and therefore she should not have to pay.... the previous owner dived in and told her repeatedly in no uncertain terms, exactly what she had been told all along - that it is not classified for disabled people, as detailed in the original letter and the contract. Mme Daniel (the previous owner) has taken it very personally and was not going to let anything go! Especially since she had sent the actual dimensions for all the doorways etc to the old lady!

The helper explained to us that the Doctor had instructed the old lady that she had to have hospitalisation (because of her degree of disability) during her cure - which she refused to do.

Oh, well. Put it down to experience!
Tonight's music?

Michael Jackson - with the girls and I singing and dancing along in the lounge (I hope no one in the village can see us!!).

Whitney Houston - with the girls and I singing along very badly!

And then I just had to hear Dolly Parton's original version of 'I will Always Love You' - by far the best. She wrote it, and it is super to hear her sing it.
Then I thought I might as well listen to 'Joshua' and 'Coat of Many Colours', and there I was in tears again!

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