Thursday, 13 December 2007

The Good Samaritan

The highlight of the week in Bedarieux are the Saturday afternoon rugby matches at the stade next to the girls' college. Several lads from our village and many from the college (some in LeeLee's class), play and the matches for the three different age groups run consecutively.

Sometimes LeeLee goes to watch the games with her friend(s) and this is where she was last weekend.

Knowing I was picking them up at 18:00, the two girls walked towards the town centre, a couple of hundred yards behind some of the players from their college. A lorry driving by pulled up alongside the girls, and the driver wound down his window.

He called out to them - to advise them to be careful and watch out because there were some boisterous lads up ahead. He said they should take care, and maybe make sure that they did not get too close to the boys.

The driver explained that he had a daughter at their school (when he mentioned her name, she was someone the girls knew in their year!) and would expect others to look out for her in a similar way when she was walking to/from college!

The passenger in the lorry was a young man - he then leaned across and asked them if they knew a particular person. Yes! they said - she was one of their teachers! Turns out she was also his Mum!!

LeeLee's friend thought there was nothing strange in a driver taking the time and effort to make sure they were aware of a danger on the streets.

LeeLee came home and immediately told us, saying 'this would never have happened in England!'

Sad but true. If a driver pulled over in Guildford, we had taught our girls to get as far away as possible to safety, and to seek help. It would not have been a Good Samaritan.
Richard and I hit the shops in the centre of Beziers this morning to buy little presents to go in the girls' stockings from Santa.

Their Grandma would, each year, do a Santa stocking for each of them - filled with lots of little things that she had collected all year long. None cost over a pound but they were all things to delight a young girl - however old they got! Often totally useless but pretty - and all lined up along the shelves in their bedrooms (a nightmare to dust!).

They loved them - and were very sad the first Christmas after she died, to think that that tradition had ceased. Richard and I have continued it in Grandma's place - and, although we are not so good at finding such delightful items, we do try.
On the way back we picked the girls up at college for lunch - and LeeLee was in a happy, bubbly mood. Turns out they had a student teacher for their English class. A young Frenchman who spoke excellent English. The fact that he also was 6 foot tall, goodlooking, black-haired, tanned skinned with gorgeous brown eyes to die for ...... might have had something to do with it!
The girls mentioned in the car that they had been getting appointments for our rendez-vous's with their teachers. What?! said Richard and I. What rendez-vous's?!

Nic said she thought her parents/teachers meeting was TONIGHT whilst LeeLee said hers was on Thursday 17 December - which she was puzzled about and thought they maybe meant tonight as well.

What?! When on earth had the girls been told this?! According to them, on Tuesday this week. Don't the teachers believe in giving us some notice?!

Picking up on the fact that we were not too happy about it all, LeeLee got defensive and was heard muttering to herself in the back, whilst dragging the relevant piece of paper out of her bag.

Informing us that it was not HER suddenly went quiet. Turns out her meeting is on Thursday 17 JANUARY!!!

Nic, when asked whether she was sure about her date, also got defensive but could not actually find her piece of paper until we got home. And guess what.......her meeting in on the 13 JANUARY 2008!!!!

Panic over. Children putting up with lots of sarcastic comments from their parents.
Bought the French Rugby Team Calendar for a relative in the UK. Not sure what the pictures inside are like, but various female French friends as well as LeeLee and her school friends tell me it is HOT!

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