Sunday, 18 November 2007

Frosty Morning

The temperature has dropped considerably over night - it was minus five degrees this morning on the terrace. The frost on Michael's roof was thick and glistening in the bright sunshine!
You can just see the fields covered in white - although my photo taking does not do it justice!

From inside the house, with the fire blazing, it looked like mid-summer outside. Just open the door - and you get a shock!!
The friends we had over today for lunch, are actually people that found our blog and started reading it, following our day to day life, a few months ago.

It was at a time when they were in the process of buying a studio just down the road from us which we are now going to keep an eye on for them, looking after their 'guests'.

We all got on as if we had known each other for years! It was a great day - a typical French lunch, lasting 6 hours!! Relaxing and fun. But it was a bit surreal at times - they of course knew everything that had been going on with us, even though we had never met until this week!

Just to make you hungry, we had:

Sliced salami, fried chorezo, paté and onion relish on melba toast and (our latest invention!) garlic cream cheese spread on baguette slices topped with parma ham and roasted red peppers!

Pistou soup.

Second Course:
Salad with garlic croutons and fried lardons. I managed not to burn the croutons this time, so miracles do happen!

Main Course:
Roasted vegetables (sprinkled with balsamic vinegar) mixed with couscous. And a boned leg of lamb, marinated with garlic, lemon and olive oil. This was going to be barbecued - until I asked Richard at the last minute when he was going to light the barbecue....and he said 'I thought you were roasting it in the oven?!'

Pears poached in red wine and spices, with creme fraiche. Never tried this before - and it was delicious!

Cheese Platter:
Roquefort, reblechon and brie.
What are we having tomorrow night for dinner? Just reread the above.....we had a lot left over!!


Gogus said...

Only one word to describe the company and the food, yes you guessed it, carol's word of the week. Fantastique!!!
We only just managed to resist seconds because we wanted to enjoy everything and not end up struggling with all the courses. Chorezo nibbles were our kind off food.
Delicious soup which was accompanied with a weakness off ours, fresh bread, and incredible self restraint was needed so early in the meal.
Salad with juicy lardons, again temping us to eat more bread.
Lamb cooked to perfection for us and specially prepared veg in couscous which we will have to get the recipe for.
Pears in wine, so much better than our attempt, not spoiled by over sweetness, lovely with the tang of creme fraiche.
Then more reason to tuck into the bread. CHEESE!! Carol loves cheese.
All of the above were accompanied by the most important thing of all. The company of a family who so quickly made us welcome and we think of as friends. Oops almost forgot , WINE!!
Carol & John xxx

PS if you were wondering, the Name Gogus is a character from the WIERD MUSEUM trilogy written by Robin Jarvis.

Jacqui U said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to upload/answer this 'comment'.....but I think you know the reason!!

Glad you liked everything - it was a great day!

Gogus...thought it might have been a pet name of dubious origin?!

What type of books are the Trilogy - thriller, SciFi ?

Gogus said...
Kids fantasy books which we all ended up reading and enjoying the great characters.

Jacqui U said...

We have never seen o rheard of them before. Will have to investigate......