Monday, 26 November 2007

Earning Money....At Last!

I sat up late, Saturday, to see LeeLee when she returned from her first money-earning job. She was over the moon - with cash in her hand!!

Our neighbours have a delightful little baby girl, and a couple of weeks ago asked if LeeLee would be interested in babysitting for them.

She has always been a little jealous that her friends in England are able to work virtually full time whilst 'studying' for 4 A'levels - they only have 10 hours of lessons a week whereas she has 37 hours plus LOTS of homework!

Sunday is the only day in the week that she does not go to college although she does have Wednesday and Saturday afternoons off as well.

Talk about jammy though. The little girl happily eats and drinks everything in sight and always sleeps through the night. So during 5 hours of babysitting (at the beginning of which the Mum/Dad put their little girl to bed as normal) LeeLee had very little to do!
These neighbours have two dogs who guard their house and well as our front door, our barn, our garden, the chemin between our houses and the road in front.

They got their first dog Hugo a few years ago - an exceptionally good-natured and friendly white Argentinian Hound. Our cats immediately went round and made friends with him and he adores them. They had great fun jumping all over him and snuggling up with him in his garden. They were a little surprised however when he continued to grow and became a large muscle-bound tank with only a forward gear!

He has the biggest chest and deepest bark I have ever come across. And a long, ever wagging tail!

A couple of years later they decided to get him a companion - a little black French Bulldog. The ugliest, big-eared, snub-nosed animal that you can imagine.

Behind her fence, she is aggression on legs and barks (yaps I mean!) ferociously at anything that moves beyond her domain. Vanda adores Hugo, whilst also being jealous of any attention he gets. She is however very friendly if she knows you. Honestly!

Hugo, the gentle giant, just carries on with his life and Vanda snuggles up to him at every opportunity. They are an incongruous 'odd' couple!
Aware that dogs can be over protective of a child in their family, LeeLee was careful when she arrived for baby sitting. No need......

The dogs were super friendly and immediately settled down on their bed in the kitchen for the night. LeeLee heard VERY LOUD snores and thought at first it was the baby via the monitor. The Mum laughed and said it was the dogs - in particular Vanda! It carried on for the full 5 hours LeeLee was there!!

Who said that?

Was it you?

Who then?

Someone over there!!

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