Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Breakfast, French Style

We took Colin to the market in Lamalou this morning and he had a local 'breakfast'.

Seafood is excellent down here - fresh and very good value. Oysters and mussels are ten-a-penny and eaten every week (if not daily!) by everyone.

The problem?! Richard and I are not particularly 'into' oysters - if we are offered them, we eat them to be polite but they are not something we yearn for. A shame given they are so good down here!!

However Colin does like them - and so we went to the market......where there is a stall that sells platters of oysters (and mussels) with a glass of Picpoul de Pinet white wine. It is always packed with locals - and in particular, the stall holders - having them for breakfast. Colin assures us they were delicious!! We did not verify this ourselves though.....
Yesterday, at Bedarieux market, we stopped by and said hello to René the seafood man - who is also the father of one of LeeLee's best friends at college. He goes down to the coast VERY early in the morning and gets his shellfish direct from the fishermen - and drives like crazy to get it back to the market the same morning. Super fresh indeed!

Chatting at 10:00am in the morning, he mentioned that he had already sold 80 kilos of oysters and 100 kilos of mussels.

Wow! He explained though that the numbers were so low because it is winter now........in summer he sometimes sells up to 5 times as much!!!!
Pictures are off Colin's camera.

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