Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Internet is being a pain again - so apologies for slow and non-standard posts!

I thought yoga was meant to be gentle flexing and stretching, whilst getting you into a state of ZEN (peace man...!).

Certainly not forcing your muscles to elongate beyond their natural length and for outrageous numbers of minutes!

We are talking major pain here!

At the party this weekend I made the mistake of agreeing to go to a yoga class in the neighbouring village. I blame it on the alcohol. I am abstaining at the moment, except at parties (!), so it hit me far more than usual!

This evening saw me going with 5 other 'ladies of La Sesquière'. I was a bit perturbed when I saw them all unpacking blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and a block of wood each........curious?!

The lady in charge proceeded, for an hour, to put us through a whole series of peculiar positions which we had to hold for far too long - my muscles were shaking by the end of each one!

She spoke in a soft sing-song voice, telling us to breath through the earth to fill all the inner sanctums of our body. Specifically to welcome the colours and sounds of Autumn into ourselves.

Now in general I have to concentrate when someone is speaking fast French to me, but I have to say my interest was not really 'grabbed' and my mind kept wandering. So much so that I did not notice when she was actually speaking to me directly....but all my friends there stepped in and explained that I was English! Well it seemed as good an excuse as any - even I am not brutal enough to tell a lady that I am maybe just a bit too cynical a person to really 'get into' yoga!

After an hour, everyone wrapped up in their camping gear and snuggled into comfortable positions on the floor. The lady then talked for HALF AN HOUR, instructing us to let out all the stress from each individual part of our body - I now know more about the intricate workings of my 'inner being' in French than I ever want to know!

She preceded each section of the body by saying: Delicatement! Delicatement! Delicatement!

Seriously! I kid you not!

Oh well, I am going back next week. It is the highlight of our week here!

There are no photos to post here. You do not imagine I would let you see my contorted body being zenned would you?!

The block of wood ? Leaving your heels on the ground you put your toes on this. It forces the muscles at the back of your legs to stretch - and maximises the pain!

Living above the clouds takes on a new meaning here. Look at the heavy clouds sitting in the valley of nearby Hérépian.

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