Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Weather and Warmth

Autumnal colours are appearing everywhere now - see the vines the other side of our valley? Up close, they are a mixture of gold, russet and even purple.

Winter is not that far away either. We love this weather forecast site which we have set up for Lamalou les bains - a nearby town.

It tells you how good (or BAD in our case !) it is going to be. Type in your town, then select from the Quick Look the Days (1-5) for example. Look at the graph at the bottom - it tells you the temperature and also the 'feel like' temperature.

For us, it says we will feel like it is minus 5 degrees this weekend!!

So, with such an excuse, what did Richard do today? He lit the fire of course!! The logs went on at lunchtime and then he let it die down gradually so that we would not be too hot during the night.

Half an hour after he lit it......
we had very content animals who declined to go out all day! The dog settled down in front of it on her bed, and the cat colonised Richard's chair.

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