Wednesday, 24 October 2007

This and That

How come some days I have so much to say - and others, I look at a blank screen and think how boring our life must seem to people back in England. Nothing much happens here!
LeeLee went to school very aggrieved today.

Every other week starting today, her class are having to give up some of their free time for an extra English lesson. With frowns descending on our parental faces, we asked what exactly she had done to require extra English lessons?!

It seems though that these are compulsory - and set up to take advantage of a visiting American lady. The school felt it would be a great help for the students to hear a real English speaker in action.

A great idea in fact, but still a lot of grumbles from the class.......until they met her and found out that she was tall, blond, VERY pretty and only 23 years old. The boys in the class immediately declared that they REALLY needed extra English lessons and would go every week!!

Since 'Millie' did not speak any French, LeeLee then had to spend the whole lesson translating everything she said to the class. First though Millie asked everyone to introduce themselves in English. When it came to LeeLee's turn, she put on a french accent when she spoke English - and the boys looked very puzzled and said: how come they could understood LeeLee better than usual?! And, sadly, they were not joking....

Millie handed round pictures of herself at various ages as well as at her 'prom' - which prompted lots of hopeful questions (via LeeLee translating) as to whether the boy in the picture with her was her brother....
Went round to the apartment to stick the corner of the wallpaper back on.....only to find that it is in fact carpet that is on the wall up to waist height to prevent damage from knocks. The sooner we get in the apartment to renovate, the better!

We also heard that our 'guests' had declared to the Inspector that they wanted a refund so that they could move into a nearby studio, which would be MUCH BETTER than our which point the Inspector had laughed and said that he would love to be there when they saw the studio! They were in for a shock.....given it would be less than half the size of our apartment and too small to swing a cat, let alone manoeuvre a wheelchair whilst accommodating two people at the same time!

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