Monday, 8 October 2007

Successful Geek !

I want you all to click on the map above and be VERY impressed when it opens up in a new page LARGER THAN THE ORIGINAL !

What do you mean - so what?!

It has taken me months of frustration, and the uploading of almost one hundred photos, before I got this to work. And God help anyone who comes back to me and says they knew how to do it all along!

I have been on various blog-help sites and put up with some very supercilious Geeks who told me in no uncertain terms that I must FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER YOU STUPID WOMAN! And all to no avail.

But I must mention one particular guy with a help site I came across in my travels - he was so helpful and pleasant/patient. Thank-you Ron Southern of:

So I am a happy successful Geek today! I just wish I knew what I had done differently to all the other times. Ah well, I just copy/paste the same code each time now, tweak it for the new photo I have uploaded and 'Bob's Your Uncle'.

Something came up today which showed us how out of touch we are with the world according to the UK. Did you realise there was a postal strike in England? Yes, I know we all read the headlines on the news websites but I kind of glossed over the reality of it.

Friends (hello Carol & John!) are in the process of buying a studio nearby in Lamalou. Because they are unable to come over here for the signing of the final papers, it is being done remotely.

Copies of the documentation and the proxy papers were sent to them and have been certified by a UK Lawyer as required - but there is no way they will get here in time through the usual channels with no 'post persons' working!
(by the way, what is the PC way of referring to post men and women now? Polite answers only on a postcard....)

Luckily DHS (Oops! I meant DHL) to the rescue - they must be raking it in at the moment !


Lesley said...

Am VERY impressed! As instructed!
The postal strike must be difficult for anyone with legal documents in transit. Also I heard of someone waiting for Visa etc to go to Russia(I think) for a sporting event. They will not arrive in time so have lost out on the match tickets and hotel costs. I agree that courier firms will make a profit.

Gogus said...

DHL to the rescue. £54 for next day delivery.
Documents just been collected and are now on route, woohoo.
Just hope the money is in place then we can relax.

Jacqui U said...

I am not even clear about what they are striking over - but I guess it might be money as usual!

Jacqui U said...

That seems very cheap really for next day delivery to France! So they are not such rip-off merchants as I suspected.

Can confirm your money arrived safely at the Notaires - so you can relax and chill out!