Sunday, 7 October 2007

Sad geek.....

What did I do today, I hear you asking.

Lounged in the sun? Slept the afternoon away? Watched nature grow from the terrace?

No - I spent the day setting up and playing around with advertising web pages for our apartment in Lamalou.

I know I am sad but I enjoyed it! I remember now why I liked working in the IT industry!!

I know that by the time I 'retired' (after 17 years in the industry) I had reached the stage of having lots of gofers who did all the actual IT development for me, but it was fun getting back to playing with HTML code and outwitting the restrictions put on these blog-producing wizards!

I know I had no deadline to meet, so it was an unfair comparison.....

But I enjoyed today!

And no way am I letting you look at the pages I produced today! You will have to wait until they have been through their thorough user-testing phase first!!
The users will probably break the system anyway.....they always do.

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