Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Property Tycoons Expanding Their Empire

I am proud to announce that we are now 'two property' people so if we have a row, one of us has somewhere else to sleep rather than the spare room!

We feel a bit shell shocked. It does not seem real. That is probably because we have only been able to spend about half an hour in our new apartment since signing the final papers.

The reason? Because our first guests are moving in immediately for a stay of three weeks and 2 days!

Ah well, think of the money........we are!!

The final signing took a full two hours at the Notaires - going through all the documentation thoroughly and making sure that everyone understood everything.

Maitre Dominique Paule-Bugli is exceptionally good at her job! She even came across a clause special that had been included back in 1912, and not picked up during all the subsequent sales/purchases by the Notaires. Well, it is back in the documentation now and will infact be tied up even more legally in the coming months

Afterwards we went round to the apartment with the previous owner Mme Daniel and she kindly spent ages
going through her whole system from initial telephone enquiry to final settlement two months after a guest leaves. She is one canny businesswoman, quite ruthless at times - whilst looking like everyone's idea of a sweet Great Aunt.

I feel we have a lot to learn from her!

Virus Warning!!

We run virus checks on our two PCs every morning and between yesterday and today's checks - we have managed to pick up the Trojan virus.

Since (for a change!) I was the only person working on that PC all day, I cannot even blame the children - they are the usual culprits!

I only worked on this blog and some new advertising ones I am setting up, as well as e-mailed friends who I have already warned.

Therefore it might be an idea to run a virus checker on your PCs! I do not know if they get loaded up onto blogs?!

See my previous post about free virus checkers - they are worth their weight in gold!!

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