Friday, 5 October 2007

Orange Alert

Once again we are on 'orange alert' - and the storm clouds are gathering. We have had torrential rain all day, and lightening and thunder this evening.

Bang went the satellite. Down went the Internet and in came an exceedingly wet moggy!

At bed time I sent Xena 'up the garden'. As I opened the door to the outside, she leapt forward and then retreated backwards at high speed. I did not know it was possible to be in two opposing gears at the same time!

The girls went down to the bus this morning all wrapped up - and the boys down there were excitedly talking about the 'explosion'. Had they heard it?!

It seems the aerials on the top of the hill behind our village, exploded and there was a massive flash and boom.
Who says things never happen here?!

When LeeLee started school here, she found many things different to 'home'. Especially Maths. As a subject she enjoys and is good at, it was one of the few that she continued to do well in even whilst she did not yet speak French.

The class, and particularly the professeurs, are always fascinated when she does long multiplication and division. The methods we are taught in England are totally different to those covered here.

The professeurs were very sensible and said all along that they would not THINK of getting her to change (ie learn a new method) - but love to get her to write out her answers on the board. They are fascinated that she always gets the right answer even though they have no idea how she does it!

Move on to this year and the fact that Nic has started at the same school.

Her first few Maths lessons went very well - her assessment determined that she should be in the top stream. We were inordinately pleased . LeeLee finds school work very easy (and therefore gets a shock when she DOES actually have to try harder!), whereas Nic is conscientious and works hard in order to get her results.

After a few lessons, her new teacher gave birth and is now on maternity leave. Whilst the replacement is being organised, one of the other professeurs is taking the class - one of the best and one of LeeLee's favourites.

Taking the roll-call, Mr Coughenc came to Nic on the list and said....Mmmmmm, another Upex !?

As soon as they started the actual lesson he asked Nic to come to the front of the class and do her long division homework on the blackboard. He wanted to show the class something that always fascinates him - the English way!

Only problem?

Nic looked at him aghast. And said apologetically that she had only ever leant the french way - she has been in France for six years you know!

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