Thursday, 4 October 2007

Mad Dogs and French Men

Two grumpy old men were sitting on the wall in the middle of our village this morning.

Richard went and joined them....and that made three!

Robert, a very good friend of ours (and a seriously nice/helpful person), was talking to Michael our neighbour. In a very aggrieved and put out voice, he explained that he had set off early to go mushroom picking at a particular secret spot that we (in La Sesquière) know. It is up the mountain behind Taussac in the midst of the chestnut woods.

When he got there......he not only could not park (!) but could not even get down the lane/track. It was triple filled with vehicles as far as the eye could see - from all over France according to their number plates!

Well! The cheek of it!

Luckily, there were no English or (God forbid!) German cars amongst the intruders.
We have been keeping our eye on all the various deals that get advertised locally - and bought a very good-valued hoover for our apartment yesterday.

Now, men being men, Richard just had to get it out of the box and try it.

Our beloved dog is eight years old (or middle-aged, going on old-age-pensioner). She left her 'puppy antics' behind her many years ago so it took us aback when she started barking and biting the hoover head. And she does have a LOUD bark considering how short her legs are - enough to wake the dead!

Goodness knows what got into her today - but we had forgotten just how funny she can be, especially on slippery tiled floors!! Richard and I were in stitches - which explains the shakiness of the photos!

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