Monday, 22 October 2007

Smooth, Soft and Nail-less ?

Had to be up early this morning anyway, so I dealt with the girls rather than Richard for a change. LeeLee and Nic both set their own alarms so that we just need to get up later to check that they are actually on the move!

I checked on LeeLee .....

... and found a grumpy LeeLee .... now what?!

Seems she got up when her alarm went off at 10 to 6, had her shower and painted the SA flag on her cheek (remember?). Trouble started when she went up to her room to get dressed - and Nic asked why she was up at 5:00am!

Seventeen years old and still not able able to set her alarm clock correctly?! I do wonder about her....

Up early because I had to go for blood tests - my doctor monitors me regularly because of our family history.

Lamalou is THE centre for anything medical and there is a specialist company in the main street that just does blood tests. Yes, all day and everyday, hundreds of people pass through their doors - just for blood tests. I got there for 9:00am and they had already been up and working for two hours!

Now I have been a blood donor since I was eighteen, and have always had problems - it takes ages because my blood does not want to leave my body!

But this place is amazing! In all, it took 5 minutes from start to finish, including giving my details when I arrived and paying at the end. Talk about experts - I filled 5 large test-tubes in under a minute!

When questioned, it seems they do not use the veins you can actually see in the crook of your arm (the ones that are really hard to see on me!). They 'feel' for the bigger ones hidden further in out of sight and stick the needle in there - and out pumps the red stuff. They are incredibly expert at what they do - but there again, that is all they do!

Spring cleaning hit the kitchen over the last two days. Yes, it was so bad it took two days!

Richard got the ladder out and tackled the top of the cupboards, and the extractor unit over the hob. How can it all become so encrusted? Nothing touched it until he finally tried the ultra-strong cleaner we use to get the tar off the inside of the fireplace glass!

I attacked the floor - on my knees. Whoever renovated this house was a cheapskate and had no idea what he was doing, that's all I can say.

The tiles on the floor are very cheap terracotta. He laid the tiles with a gap of about 1.5 inches between them all, and used standard cement instead of grout. Basically it absorbs all the dirt like a sponge and, because the cement is about 1 inch below the level of the tiles, the mop does not get close to it when we clean the floor normally.

So there I was, on my knees, with an old fashioned scrubbing brush and THREE litre bottles of neat bleach! My hands are wonderfully soft and smooth, with no fingerprints left. Are my finger nails going to fall off?!

The girls got home and asked why the house smelt like the Spectrum Swimming Pool in Guildford!

Have not been posting pictures for a while because everytime I do - the Internet link on the WIFI PC collapses. I HATE Orange!!!!

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