Thursday, 11 October 2007

Fruit & Veg

Shopping today (the highlight of our week - a trip out!) took us to Les Provenc'Halles (on the way into Bedarieux) for our fruit and veg.

We eat a lot of fruit and veg, much to the girls' disgust, and always have done. Whoever says 'but my children won't eat it' are just not nasty-enough parents!

Although nowadays their 'oh no' when they see their dinner plates is just a habit. When LeeLee went back to England for a visit, she got back here yearning for some healthy options! She said she had had enough of chips with everything and wanted to see some 'green' on her plate!

Anyway, getting back to Les Halles - we love this place. It has such a selection of everything. How would you like to have a choice of 8 different types of pears, 10 of apples and 6 of grapes - all from your home country?!

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