Friday, 26 October 2007

Fly Fishing with an Accent

Richard had an appointment at the Rheumatologist today - who visits our local surgery complex once a week from the specialist centre in Montpellier.

Why is it that you end up chatting about the most unexpected topics when you visit any medical person in France?! There is always all the time in the world to talk.

The doctor congratulated Richard on his excellent French (!) and announced that he was taking lessons to improve his English.

Why? Because he travels the world fly fishing! Yes, fly fishing!?

Richard said: Oh, how interesting....... and the conversation carried on for 20 minutes!

It seems that he goes to America fishing a lot - and declared that he has trouble understanding them because they seem to speak some totally incomprehensible dialect over there. Richard thought it was probably because the people that like fly fishing tend to be a strange breed of man......

The doctor also mentioned that he was off to the west of Ireland next month - and Richard wished him good luck. If you want to hear unintelligible accents......

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