Friday, 19 October 2007

Face Painting

Time to get the face paints out in La Sesquière again.

Everyone on the school bus said today they were SO impressed with the flags that I painted on the girls' faces after the English victory against France last weekend (Yes, Rugby not Agincourt!) that they would do the same if England win tomorrow - because they have no hope.

So our elder daughter said, with great bravado, that of course England would win - and if they don't, she would have the South African flag on her face.

We then had to spend all afternoon working out just what the SA flag is - and how on earth you paint it very small on a cheek!?

Seems it is made up of about 6 different colours.......why do I always get stuck with these difficult jobs?

Each child at college has a carnet which they must carry with them at all times - they are not allowed out of the gates without it!

It also contains special pages where issues that the teachers or the school want to bring to the parents' attention, are written. They are called 'mots' and whenever you get one, your parents have to sign that they have actually seen it. And the parents' signatures are checked against the centrally stored ones certified to actually be those of the parents of course! The college is not a fool!

Anyway, Nic got one. It said (roughly translated): Nicole must prepare her school bag with more vigour in future!

It seems she forgot to bring her text book - even though the instruction had been written on the blackboard AND left there for one hour!

So more vigour to be applied from Monday......

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