Saturday, 13 October 2007

Evening at home?!

Popped out this morning, and every where we went, we saw hand made signs.........telling us that the local salle polyvalente had a big screen set up for 19:00 this evening for 'the match'.

That is - EVERY salle polyvalente in EVERY town we passed through! Those signs were not there last night.

We have it sussed for the match - as everyone wants to talk about the rugby (whether you are at the bank, the doctors or the shops), we just say that we think that France will win. If they do, we don't look like idiots. If they don't, we look smug as well as modest!

Overheard the girls chatting at lunch.

Nic was discussing her latest Occitan lesson and offering to teach LeeLee some of the language.

LeeLee informed her that she already knew all she would ever need to be able to say in Occitan and proceeded to spout unintelligible words. Richard (being a father!) asked hopefully if they all meant 'NO!'

Turns out they were all swear words!


Allez England!

....rang out from our terrace tonight over a suddenly silent and stunned village.

I was jumping up and down during the last 2 minutes of the game (did I hear someone say 'What game'?!), Richard was thumping the beam across the fireplace and Nic.....well she was yelling 'Come on France!!!' She's a changeling!

Immediately the phone rang. LeeLee is sleeping over at a friend's house tonight - and the problem is that they live in the middle of nowhere up a mountain side. Which means they get virtually no TV signal. Their little portable TV is ancient and seldom used.

Seems the Mum and Dad were out for the evening and so LeeLee decided to see what she could do to get the TV working.....

.... and miracle of miracles, she managed to see the last 20 minutes of the game!

Please note I put the picture for this post in the Occitan section.....and not at the beginning of this one!

LeeLee intends going to school on Monday with red crosses on her cheeks. Richard says he will refuse to pick her up at lunchtime if she does!

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