Thursday, 18 October 2007

English Tests and Knees

Nic had a test in English today - but won't know her results until next lesson. About what? I hear you ask. Well that is another story.....

Her English professeur is a young man, who not only likes sport but also knows how to keep students interested - the boys at least!

They have been studying a document in their English class. First they had to find the grammar mistakes, then prepare 'presentations' to the class about the topic and also to learn all the facts contained in the document for the test today.

The document was all about Jonny Wilkinson, Rugby and its origins. Rugby! said Nic after that first lesson two weeks ago. I mean, Rugby?! Why do I have to learn about rugby in English?!

So this morning as she ate her toast, we checked she knew how to spell Wilkinson........and where in England the town of Rugby (where the game was invented) is. We do like to help with homework!

Richard went for x-rays on his knee today in preparation for seeing the specialist next week - the viscose-injection specialist!

We did not realise just how many different x-rays you can take of a knee. It took absolutely ages - an x-ray specialist was called in especially for all but the most basic of x-rays.

We now know that both Richard's tibias are off line (one by 3% whilst the other is by 1%) which has meant his knee joints are wearing unevenly as a result of the arthritis. It was also confirmed that he has arthritis in both knees and one knee-cap (did not realise you could get it there!). Disappointing because we hoped it was only in the one knee.

The left knee (or is it his right?!) is so bad the only real solution is a replacement, but they want to leave this as long as possible. So it is a case of easing the awful pain - which means losing lots of weight, having viscose infected and exercising the joint, would you believe, without pushing the pain beyond what you can put up with.

So not a good day for Richard.


Lesley said...

Poor Richard! Not the best of news for you! Pain is a very subjective thing, and how much is too much? Thinking of you and I hope that the injections help. Love Lesley

Jacqui U said...

Thank-you. Will keep you posted re injections!