Sunday, 21 October 2007

Cycling and Painful Behinds

Richard must exercise regularly but this is difficult when he is not able to actually walk very far before his knee becomes too painful.

Today, though, he decided to try cycling again and see if (by keeping the weight off his knee) he could cope.

So after lunch, he and I deserted the girls to go out in the sunshine - when asked whether they wanted to join us, they looked rather aghast and said NO!

Unlike the girls, the dog did not get a choice. When informed she was going for a walk, she remained glued to her bed in front of the blazing fire! Not one to be beaten by a four-legged furry sausage, I persevered and finally got her moving, albeit reluctantly.

We had a great time - I walked briskly alongside Richard on his bike. The dog just dragged all four feet and would have muttered profanities behind us if she could have spoken.

On the way we stopped to speak to our friend Robert - who told us he was just going in for his siesta. Now that is the life down here!

He had been up early out shooting game birds with his bouncy, diffy, long legged spaniel. He mentioned that he only managed to shoot about three birds - of which one, the dog could not find at all. Turns out it had fallen into a tree! Even Uline could not retrieve that one!

We congratulated him on his prowess - but he disclaimed saying he was getting too old to be any good. His son was out the day before and shot 30+ whilst standing in the same place! Robert admitted that there had been a couple of hundred birds in the sky this morning - which made his count of three very embarrassing!

Richard thinks he will ache tomorrow. He certainly has a painful behind - it seems bicycle seats are not padded enough!

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