Sunday, 28 October 2007

Winter Has Arrived....

How do I know? Because in the Upex household:

1. LeeLee is now wearing two pairs of socks (at the same time!) each day.

2. I put on a t-shirt, leggings and socks - to go to bed. Even Richard puts on a t-shirt now!!

3. Nic is putting a fleece on over her strappy top - to go to school. She does not feel the cold as much as the rest of us!

4. The cat is seen in the house 20 hours out of 24. Before, it was 4 hours out of 24!

5. We all put something on our feet in order to go to the toilet - it has the coldest floor in the house!

6. Any excuse that we can find, we go out in the car on errands - and we both go too! The car has a good heater!!

7. When Richard and I go out in the car, the dog does not pester to come as well. She wants to stay by the fire!

8. I do not hear so many groans from the girls when I dish up home made soup for lunch.

9. I set the tumble drier to start running at about 4:00am - that way the bathroom is warm when the girls get up for college. Nothing is worse than having to undress and shower in icy conditions!

10. If I do not keep an eye on her, I find Nic has showered and got herself dressed for college the night before - and sleeps in the outfit. Then she does not have to strip off in the morning!

Post Halloween breakfast for the Trois Sorcières was chocolate cake and cream! What was sweet was that they had all been asleep by midnight - not the expected 'early hours of the morning'!

We do not have crisps, sweets or puddings in our normal day to day life in the Upex Household. So party time is a treat for us all - and we eat every single crisp, sweet and crumb of pudding within 24 hours. We are such deprived little piglets!

Normal diet and exercise resumes tomorrow.......

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