Monday, 15 October 2007

Can You Sell Medications On e-Bay?!

Yep, today was our day for spring cleaning the toilet 'room'.

I say room in order to be accurate. It is a fairly large room with the toilet in it. No sink, bath or shower. Just a toilet.

OK - and a large bookcase with lots of books on the shelves. But it seemed a waste of a good wall not to put a bookcase in there. We have THOUSANDS of books that need to go on shelves somewhere in the house!

And it has a cupboard that serves as our medicine cabinet.

Having managed to put off the dreaded cleaning until almost evening, I realised that I had deferred my shower this morning so that I could get dirty and sweaty (cleaning remember!) first and then have a shower. So I had to order to be clean myself (are you following this?).

So Richard and I (I do love company when I am being a 'housewife') opened the medicine cabinet and started going through everything.

Why do we have so many tablets with expiry dates BEFORE we moved to France?! And what on earth were they all for?! We cannot remember.

We now have a half-empty medicine cabinet with every strength paracetamol tablet ever manufactured, and enough Karvol 'blisters' to keep us breathing well for decades to come.

Can I sell them second hand?!

And why did I have three gallons of liquid for 'hand washing clothes' on top of the cabinet when I do not hand wash clothes EVER? If they do not go in the washing machine, they go in the bin in this house!

And the bookcase? Well the books have been dusted, the wooden shelves polished (and if you believe that, I have a hen's tooth to sell you ) and all the surplus books that have 'migrated' to the toilet - have been put back on their correct shelves in our backroom.

Funnily enough all these books that found a new home in the backroom were children's books - not Richard's or mine.......
Today was a sad but also a happy day for us and my Dad.

He is due to move to the Royal Hospital Chelsea (to be a Chelsea Pensioner!) when their new infirmary wing opens in Spring 2009.

Unfortunately it has become increasingly difficult for him to cope at home in his own bungalow, especially since our Mum died.

He finally made the difficult decision to move into a Care Home until Chelsea can take him, and today he said goodbye to their 'dream retirement home by the sea' on Hayling Island.

He was quite upbeat considering and realises it will be better for him.

What is wonderful (doesn't technology get everywhere!) is that we can e-mail him at the Home. They print the messages off and pass them on to the residents.

The girls each sent Grandad a message early this morning before setting off to school - and they were waiting for him when he arrived at the Home! He said they were the first e-mails he had ever received!

The girls were in tears when they heard how much their messages meant to him today. They are good kids.

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