Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Busy Day and a Forgetful Old Age

What do you mean - tell us about the room you cleaned today?! I have been busy.....elsewhere!

First we had an appointment to pick up keys for friends of ours (of their newly purchased studio apartment in Lamalou) at a local Immobilier.

Ticked that one off the 'to do' list.

Then I had a Doctor's appointment at lunchtime. Richard had booked it for me but the time looked odd, so he phoned up to check.....and it seems it is actually tomorrow.

OK, so the idea of me putting all our rendez-vous in a diary was a great idea, provided I put them in on the correct day! Added it to tomorrow's 'to do' list.....

Then I had a haircut booked at a friend's house in the village this afternoon. Decided to walk even though it was raining - getting wet does not kill you, honestly, kids!

Arrived there to find it is in fact tomorrow. So added that to tomorrow's 'to do' list as well......

Decided I had had a bad day and took out some beef steaks so that Richard could be in charge of dinner whilst I pondered keeping diaries up to date.

Door bell rang - with the gang of ladies picking me up for Yoga. Damn, forgot to put that in the diary!!!

So tomorrow is going to be another busy day for me, I'll have you know!
Even allowing for all the usual media hype and scare mongering, the situation at the moment in UK hospitals is starting to be truly frightening. If what you have already got, doesn't kill you, what you get whilst there - will!

When Richard's Mum went in to hospital for that last time two years ago, she was absolutely petrified of getting MRSA. No amount of reassurance helped, but the Winchester Hospital was superb and the care she received was second to none. Thank goodness it was not this month - she would have flatly refused to go in.

We came to France nearly six years ago and in that time Richard has had two operations in two different hospitals and LeeLee has had one.

The first time, Richard asked about the risk of MRSA, and the Senior anaesthetist he was talking to said that they had never had a case of MRSA at our local hospital, and they were doing their damnedest to make sure they never did!

When a patient is admitted, before they are allowed on a ward, they are showered/bathed and scrubbed from head to toe in an orange/brown iodine based disinfectant. And I do mean everything and everywhere - hair, nails, in the ears, etc. You come out looking like you have used a cheap and nasty artificial suntan!

Before they go down to a theatre, this is repeated. If they stay in, it is repeated at regular intervals, with their room/bed getting the same treatment whilst they are being de-germed.

The same happened when Richard was in the very fancy heart hospital in Montpellier.

Whether this is the reason they have been lucky so far, I do not know, but at least you feel they are making every effort to prevent these awful infections starting!

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