Saturday, 6 October 2007

Allez les 'Red, White and Blues '!

And 'Allez les Bleus' !

Caught the end of the England vs Australia rugby match - wished we had seen it all!

Fitted in dinner and then settled down to watch France vs New Zealand - and started to wish we had not!!

We were on our feet yelling 'Stop them! Jump on them!' right up to the last second.....

....and beyond! Only Richard knows the rules of rugby in this house and three females were not impressed to find that play continues after the time is up until a 'change in play' happens!! What a stupid game!

Kids could not decide who to cheer for of course this evening. Would it be better or worse for us to meet France in the semi-final?

Now they are in an even worse dilemma - and have decreed that it does not matter because BOTH teams deserve to win!!


An orange weather alert and leaky roof yesterday.

Bright sunshine and 25 degrees in the shade today. So unexpected, that Richard and I went for a walk this afternoon with the dog. She was surprised, and conked out on the tiles when we got back!

I love the climate here!!

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