Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Teenagers and Timepieces

LeeLee is really having a bad week!

She is a very bright kid, but sometimes we do wonder what goes on between the ears....

Last night she said that she was too tired to get up for exercises this morning, so I could have a lie in. She would set her alarm and get up at 6:00am, then wake Nic up 30 minutes later at 6:30am.

Note: an eleven year old does not need as much time to get ready as a 17 year old!

I set my alarm for 7:00am so that I could make sure they were ready in time for the bus at 7:20am. Still with me so far?!

Lying in bed this morning I woke up and heard Nic's voice - so was reassured that LeeLee had not forgotten to wake her. That's a good start, I thought!

Dozing on and off for 30 minutes before my alarm went off.......but hang on - seems like more than 30 minutes have passed and still no alarm?!

Got up to check the clock/alarm which is on Richard's side of the bed (don't ask!) - and was surprised to see it say 6:10 am. Curious?!

Went down stairs to find two children totally ready and fully dressed with coats on and their school bags by the door.

Asked Nic what on earth she was doing up and ready at that time - according to the plan, she should be asleep for another 20 minutes!

'Ask LeeLee!' she said in a pissed off voice.

LeeLee's explanation:

Well.....I woke up and looked at my bedroom clock which said 5:59am. Thought I might as well get up - and started to get ready.

Checked my clock regularly (so I would not forget!) and when is said 6:30 am, I woke Nic.

Nic started to get ready. When I was all dressed, I went down to the kitchen to see if I had time for a piece of toast - and was surprised to see that according to the kitchen clock it was only 6:00am!

OK, don't go on about it! So I can't read a clock properly........ it's not that funny!
Every supermarket within a 30 minute driving time of us, has a Foire de Vins at the moment. And if you want to see seriously good wines - I recommend you go along to one.

If only we had money - it is amazing what you can pick up!

For various reasons, we had occasion to visit Auchun (Beziers) and both SuperU and Intermarché in Bedarieux today. In all three, we came across restauranteurs buying box loads of the very expensive wines.

We are talking 70-170 euros a bottle ones!

And champagne - they were nudging each other out of the way to pick up vintage Dom Perignan, non-vintage Krug and our favourite 'La Grande Dame'!

Oh, if only we were both working in England and earning the same as before.....

We consoled ourselves with buying some Pouilly Vinzelles (very difficult to find down here) and some Casanove Harlequin champagne (not in the same league as our favourites, but quite drinkable) that was selling for 50% off!!

That's Christmas sorted - if it lasts that long!
All our love and 'Happy Birthday' to my brother-in-law Steve! Don't work too hard on your special day!!!

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