Saturday, 1 September 2007

Summer Is Over - It's Official

Today is the First Day of September - and the official view down here in Herault is that the summer is over. How do I know?

Driving back from Clermont l'Hérault, we started seeing oncoming headlights flashing at us. Slowing down and keeping our eyes open - sure enough, we came across the Gendarmes doing spot checks at the side of the road.

They NEVER set them up during the tourist season. We did not believe what we were being told by our neighbours when we first moved to this area, but it is true! The police keep out of the way during the summer - for goodness sakes, they do not want to upset the tourists by 'doing' them for road traffic offences!
My sister, Lesley, sent me this link. It is a story worth reading and taking notice of if you are a blogger!

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